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Blazer Drive 264692011-05-13English
Blazer Drive 254282010-12-27English
Blazer Drive 244692010-10-15English
Blazer Drive 239632010-10-15English
Blazer Drive 227502010-10-15English
Blazer Drive 217782010-10-15English
Blazer Drive 208012010-10-15English
Blazer Drive 197752010-10-15English
Blazer Drive 188282009-10-17English
Blazer Drive 178902010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 167722010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 158442010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 147082010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 136932010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 126802010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 116612010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 106792010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 96412010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 86162010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 76102010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 66642010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 56552010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 47242010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 37232010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 28262010-09-06English
Blazer Drive 11,8542010-09-06English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , boy, action, comedy

 Summary   Edit 
In the near future, Mystickers are tattoo-like stickers which you put on objects in order to use it`s abilities. Daishi is the self-proclaimed leader of Team Sky, and he suddenly finds himself targeted by people who tell him he, too, is a `Blazer`.

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