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BB Project 20852011-08-08English
BB Project 19692011-07-30English
BB Project 18712011-06-17English
BB Project 17622011-05-25English
BB Project 16872011-04-20English
BB Project 15892011-04-13English
BB Project 141102011-03-25English
BB Project 131042011-03-03English
BB Project 12832011-02-23English
BB Project 111362011-02-12English
BB Project 101542011-02-05English
BB Project 91382011-01-25English
BB Project 81582010-10-28English
BB Project 71742010-10-28English
BB Project 61512010-10-28English
BB Project 51902010-10-28English
BB Project 42092010-10-28English
BB Project 32452010-10-28English
BB Project 23182010-10-28English
BB Project 11,6622010-10-28English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , Scan=Unfinished & No/Bad Ending

 Summary   Edit 
Well in my opinion a lot ralely. Manga is made by Japanese itself, and such. Manga has a lot of Japanese culture that is in line with what their culture is ralely like. Sometimes the characters seem to me that their personalities are taken to the extreme, but you could say that and anime character act pretty much like a person. Hope I helped.

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