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Amatsuki 65152012-04-09English
Amatsuki 64122012-04-09English
Amatsuki 63182012-03-01English
Amatsuki 62142012-01-24English
Amatsuki 61232012-01-09English
Amatsuki 60212011-12-29English
Amatsuki 59252011-12-29English
Amatsuki 58532011-07-24English
Amatsuki 57432011-07-03English
Amatsuki 56302011-01-02English
Amatsuki 55202011-01-02English
Amatsuki 54262011-01-02English
Amatsuki 53242010-12-26English
Amatsuki 52172010-12-26English
Amatsuki 51222010-12-26English
Amatsuki 50942010-11-15English
Amatsuki 49802010-11-15English
Amatsuki 48642010-11-15English
Amatsuki 47972010-11-15English
Amatsuki 461402010-11-15English
Amatsuki 451052010-11-15English
Amatsuki 441192010-11-15English
Amatsuki 43982010-11-15English
Amatsuki 421172010-11-15English
Amatsuki 411102010-11-15English
Amatsuki 40982010-11-15English
Amatsuki 392172010-11-15English
Amatsuki 381652010-11-15English
Amatsuki 371192010-11-15English
Amatsuki 361282010-11-15English
Amatsuki 351212010-11-15English
Amatsuki 341172010-11-15English
Amatsuki 331252010-11-15English
Amatsuki 321272010-11-15English
Amatsuki 311242010-11-15English
Amatsuki 301522010-11-14English
Amatsuki 291352010-11-14English
Amatsuki 281402010-11-14English
Amatsuki 271292010-11-14English
Amatsuki 261412010-11-14English
Amatsuki 251462010-11-14English
Amatsuki 241562010-11-14English
Amatsuki 231602010-11-14English
Amatsuki 221592010-11-14English
Amatsuki 211652010-11-14English
Amatsuki 201842010-11-14English
Amatsuki 191592010-11-14English
Amatsuki 182172010-11-14English
Amatsuki 171952010-11-14English
Amatsuki 162502010-11-14English
Amatsuki 152432010-11-14English
Amatsuki 142732010-11-14English
Amatsuki 132832010-11-12English
Amatsuki 123032010-11-12English
Amatsuki 113082010-11-12English
Amatsuki 103382010-11-12English
Amatsuki 93012010-11-12English
Amatsuki 83172010-11-12English
Amatsuki 73212010-11-12English
Amatsuki 63412010-11-12English
Amatsuki 53952010-11-12English
Amatsuki 44442010-11-12English
Amatsuki 35162010-11-12English
Amatsuki 26152010-11-12English
Amatsuki 11,9272010-11-12English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , boy, action, school, magic, monster

 Summary   Edit 
History isn`t Tokidoki`s strong subject. He`s even forced to do make-up work at a high-tech history museum to bring up his failing grades. After losing an eye to a virtual reality monster in an Edo-period simulation, he finds himself unable to leave the game. Could it be real?

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