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Alice On Deadlines 91,5062010-08-29English
Alice On Deadlines 88252010-08-29English
Alice On Deadlines 78652010-08-29English
Alice On Deadlines 61,0062010-08-29English
Alice On Deadlines 51,2192010-08-29English
Alice On Deadlines 41,2942010-08-29English
Alice On Deadlines 31,4802010-08-29English
Alice On Deadlines 22,2582010-08-29English
Alice On Deadlines 18,4102010-08-29English

 Category   Edit   ?    Japan (Manga) , comedy, 18

 Summary   Edit 
Poor schoolgirl Alice discovers that angels of death are anything but angelic!

As punishment for slacking on the job, the shinigami Lapan is ordered to go to the Human Realm in the body of a skeleton to retrieve a wandering soul. However, much to Lapan`s lecherous delight, a slip-up lands his soul in the body of young Alice, a buxom student at a local all-girls school. With the skirt-chasing shinigami (as Alice) leaving a storm of sexual harassment allegations in his wake, whatever is poor beskeletoned Alice to do?!

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