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Guest: opo itu ==

Guest: great story, i cryed as a teenager

Guest: Seriously the ending was lackluster...Everything was going so well until the ending xD.

Guest: please make season 2 T.T i missed it D:

izzuddinians: fuck you!!!!!continue now!!!!!

Guest: Beautiful manga, can`t stop clicking from one page to another. But I want more ending! :(

Guest: love this story..very good..but even the ending is happy is not make me satisfied.why do they think

Guest: i love this manga...make me want too cry...soz its so GREAT...

Guest: very good story

Guest: it made me tear up...*sniff*....SO GOOD!!!

Guest: I will never regret the hours of sleep I lost while reading this.

Megas: great manga, read it all in a night!

Guest: greatq story

Guest: this story is really saddening...

animegeek24: good manga, i has a happy ending :)

Guest: it was my 1st manga dt i have read and i like it very much! Im dying to have a copy.... great was an

Guest: wow, it was great... i have nothing else to say:):);)

Guest: it was a wicked story! totally the BEST! i didn`t want it to end because it was so intersting!

Guest: I absolutely loved it definetly top 7

Guest: Great manga!! touching story :)

Guest: I`m in love with her, i `ll protect you LOL

Guest: awesome manga it made me rly sad it was such a good manga

Guest: a fucking good story that speaks volumes about love and the importance of protecting our loves, espe

Guest: very good story, it touched me . I read it in a whole day i couldn`t wait for the end so I made it q

Guest: good story and it was somewat touching and i say that rarely

Guest: i hope it would have a second part

Guest: very good awsome damn !!10/10must read

Guest: very sweet, glad for no porn!

Guest: no fuck

Guest: it was amazing!!!! i loved it and got very happy at the ending which was really good, i couldn`t sto

Guest: cried through the whole thing and im a dude. i love manga i wish more americans would give it a chan

mechaXXI: good story, but i hope for happy ending ^^

Guest: Very sad, but really good story

Guest: touching.. sad .. but. would it happens in reality?

Guest: Very sweet. Tho not quite the ending I hoped for.

Guest: I love it!

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