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Guest: Freaking best manga ever! any1 know when chapter 297 can be read in english?

Mongi: best manga ever

Guest: no comparison, takehiko inoue is amazing

Guest: (lanjutan bawah) sbnrny gw sndr fans bgd n nunggu bgd lnjtanny,tp dh kcwa dlu krn brta ni..:(

Guest: sabar bos,,,ad kbar klo manga ni d suspend cz kontent trllu berat n vulgar

Guest: great manga one of the best so far, too bad author is a lazy bastard

Guest: it was the best. simply the best.

Guest: Wow it`s awesome

Guest: hey indonesians can you just write english?

Guest: lamo nian euyyy....

Guest: the best manga ever....anyone know three roman kingdoms manga???

Guest: This is the best manga ever....i suggest all manga readers watch this!

Guest: what is the tv series called?

Guest: woo,yeah! i beat u there! 291 in 1 and half day,.mate! orewa tensai!

Guest: lama kali bah....jancukk...

Guest: next chapter????

Guest: VOTE FOR THIS MANGA!! should rate at 8!!i read 1 - 291 in 3days!this manga is awsome, i want to watc

Guest: ndang di upload yg terbaru dnk...gue kagak sabaran neeeh....

Guest: The Best drawn in manga i/ve ever seen great story great Fucking EVery thing

Guest: this all about fucking all around...

Guest: doom comes to those who dare challenge miyamoto musashi

Guest: im not the man you think i am

Guest: hoowah! awesomeness at it`s finest

Guest: Wow,best manga I`ve ever read.

Guest: when can we expect ch 284??


Guest: Kick their asses Musashi... You Rock!!

Guest: I`m a deep fan of Miyamoto Musashi, Vagabond is the best!!!

jinlombok: how to download the chpter


Guest: kill them all takezo kill them all

Guest: superb its really interesting how deep the thoughts gets

Guest: Madness!

Guest: comparable to a man`s spiritual quest to know his own soul. Except the amazing battle scene`s ofcour

Guest: Wah koq suwe ne...tak enteni sing anyar metu...jangkrik...!!!

Guest: THE BEST[[

Guest: Hi webmaster! nal

Guest: Hi webmaster! qhr

Guest: Nine out of ten scientists agree that Vagabond rocks socks.

Guest: pler


Guest: I deeply recommend this manga, ive read alot and this series keeps getting deeper and deeper. Makes

Guest: A-m-a-z-i-n-g, it`s the word.

Guest: sooo good!!! read read read it!

Guest: Read the book, it`s even better.

Guest: damn you smexy Kojiro, bless him. I love Musashi and his funny little quirks. LOVE this manga!

Guest: this is the best manga in the world!

Guest: i am from italy ,this is the best manga i have read,every single pictures is fantastic

Guest: Please also tag them in their volumes.

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