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stephen: hmmm....

Guest: looking forward to the next chapter!Waiting is killing me!

Guest: wtf, says 161 is up but it`s empty. I wonder who posted that

Guest: goog one..

Guest: I like the story it`s thrilling i want to read the next chapter

Guest: lucky me it`s available in indonesia lol

Guest: Wow, this thing has been totally wrecked now. Out of the blue, OP PCs

Guest: very nice

Guest: ultra kill...

Guest: i prefer comics from japs

Guest: i cant wait the next chapter. ^_^

Guest: wow 16 chapters in once. ^^

Guest: English only please

Guest: 16 of them came out today!

Guest: mantaaap euy

Guest: oh my god! I wish I knew when the next one comes out, why does it take so long??

Guest: Type comment here

Guest: many typo... well, who cares~ good manhwa~~~

Guest: i`ve read it 3 years ago,,, just 6 books,, finally there are uploaded too

Guest: looking for more....

Guest: not bad wish more waz up loaded

Guest: GOOD

Guest: good

Guest: finally!

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