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Guest: love this manga! read the whole thing --well, caught up to the most recent updated chapter in one wh

Guest: Tsurara and Rikuo!!!! yep they rule ppl

Guest: i dont think it`ll come cuz of da anime... :(

Guest: where is the Omake chapter!?!

Guest: wheres 108...

Guest: no new chapter?

darkmanga: gud manga..n pls bring it more!!

Guest: wow this is like the best manga ever !!!! can`t wait for the next chapter

Guest: man i love this manga

Guest: superb art..i like it.

Guest: it great, it likes ushio and tora, but it`s greater

puppet735: this can actualy go up with One Piece and Naruto, its that good [[

Guest: i like it when i started too read i could not stop reading

Guest: so fun and exciting!! day form is cute while night form is cool

LadyCiel: I love spirits and ghost related stories, and, my god, Rikuo`s night form is just! But I re

Guest: super

Guest: I wonder how can Rikuo change his clothes when change into his night form

Guest: So cool!!! I want more!

Guest: Read it! Super funny!!!

Guest: Excelent manga. Very good story and beautiful art.

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