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thades: how can i read this ??

Asain: zehahahah

kyomibu: wew....

Guest: lol this don`t work and one manga don`t work a terrible ending for all manga lover

Guest: sabo not die yet ;)

Guest: Clake adeke patut ace mati

Guest: apela oda ni nape ace gak mati

Guest: y ace died but not anyone else

Guest: nape 1 piece x dpt no. 1dlm manga

Guest: Not just this manga but other manga on this website too!

Guest: Use the encryption...

Guest: Yeah, I`m getting broken imgs on #588 too. Get what you pay for, I guess...

Guest: Where can i read in manga the `Friends Whereabouts`? (anime episode 454....) or

Guest: Where can i read in manga the `Friends Whereabouts`? (anime episode 454....) or

Guest: wtf!! image not loaded!!!

Guest: why cant i read the new chapter

Guest: sabo died

Guest: XD luffy in 5 years hmmm... may i ask if your a retard

Guest: Dragon is the Best!

Guest: I want to see Luffy 5 years later. I hope he wont have a tatoo. XD

Guest: to... meet him in the future as an evil noble

Guest: I hope that poor Soba die, because i dont want to

Guest: I love it, ONE PIECE

Guest: poor ACE.. poor ACE..poor ME too

Guest: what ever happen to soba, ACE STLL DIE

Guest: i think Soba has change his name

Guest: maybe soba die.never read his name before in other chapter

Guest: SOBA.i think he just appear in recently chpt.

Guest: What happen to Soba afterwards....

Guest: want to see luffy crew together again...huhuhu

Guest: still flash back.btw it interesting.

Guest: ONE PIECE is the best!!!!!

Guest: agree..agree

Guest: i`ll never ever get bored eventhough i have to read this manga from the beginning again and again...

Guest: butuh

Guest: buto pak hang la..nak hram sgguh

Guest: Yay! Here is One Piece 583.Thanks thefolenangel for this really early release!! =D

Guest: ahhahaha..anak ponti

Guest: Bacot Njing PELER kw anak ponti ke peleng gak kw

Guest: poor ruffy....but now its time for revenge :)

Guest: why luffy so weak now, cmon,, use your haki,,,

Guest: Baka guest..baka guest..baka guest..

Guest: want to see luffy crew together so slow

Guest: New World Era are coming..hehehe

Guest: Lutfy gambatte!!!

Guest: 5 day until the next chpt release....

Guest: are they baka.... it once a week realese..

Guest: buto pak hang la..asal lambat nak kluar chapter bru nie..

Guest: cepat 581

Guest: 581

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