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Guest: when is chapter 19 going to come out?? the suspense might just kill me

Guest: Where`s chapter 19

zunacoh: where`s chapter 19.. goshh,,,,,,,,,,,

Guest: i love the series!!! but when is ch.19 coming out????

Guest: the volume 5 was already completed but there is no translator!!

Guest: its really sweet..

Guest: i cant wait to see chapter 19!!

Guest: please we need a new chapter 19

Guest: When is the new chapter coming out? (chapter 19)

Guest: i wonder when will there be mmore chapters! i really like it..even though i didnt start to read this

Guest: i can`t wait for chapter 19

Guest: I think this is slow. I want to read the next chap! Hope it comes out soon.

Guest: really want to read da next chap!!

Guest: 19when

Guest: i need chapter 19!!!!

Guest: can anyone tell me when is chapter 19 coming out???

Guest: Why cant i read chapter 10?

Guest: when is chapter 18 coming out?

Guest: Love the plot so far. the guys are just such hearthrob

Guest: Yay, new chapter!

Guest: i want to read more of full house kiss

Guest: when is the next episode?of full house kiss

Guest: *know when to come look again. Thanks anyway. :)

Guest: How long does it usually take for new chapters to be translated? I have no idea so it`d be nice to k

Guest: 17!17!17!17!

Guest: OMFG whens chapter 16!!??

Guest: When is chapter 17 coming out ?!?!? You guys are taking sooo long ..

Guest: full house kiss is cool!!!love the romance...

Guest: chapter 17

Guest: when is da release of the chapter 17 and 18 of full house

Guest: i lurv full house kiss its da bomb!!!

Guest: when is the release date of full house kiss and please add the manga strobe edge i want to read it a

Guest: plus `s`

Guest: kailan ang release date

Guest: when is the release of chapter 16?? i can`t wait

Guest: chapter 15 is also incomplete!

Guest: chapter 13 is incomplete!

Guest: chapter 14 is incomplete!

Guest: why is there no chapter 10?

Guest: please update this. Is so good

Guest: GAWD! PLEASE RELEASE IT ALREADY ! Its been so long like what? 3 months? =O Jeeezzzz ...


gemsky: i love it.. but the chapters are incomplete

Guest: i love this story so much..when is the next chapter going to be released?..i can`t wait..

Guest: I can`t wait for the next chapter !!


Guest: I really like this !!! Cant wait till next release. PLEASE do it faster

Guest: one manga juz update chapter 15

Guest: hi,,i want to read the next chapters.please post it AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!thanks a lot:)

Guest: hs:hu??i thought it stopped at 10.wad is about 12?is there 11?? TELL ME!!!

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