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Guest: i loove this series hope it gets updated soon^^

Guest: more translation please...

Guest: harley is european so he calls it soccer

Guest: i`ve been waitibng forever for chapter 49! gRrRr...

Guest: needs faster release

ddashh: lol nearly forgot lol the story is nice ... i like it

ddashh: manga fan22.... i read it some time ago and there was none ...

ddashh: not my fault americans cant distinguish which limb a sport is played with

ddashh: u r gay... u sound pretty stupid when u try to correct someone who is right, dnt open u

MangaFan99: Suguru reminds me of sasuke of naruto!

MangaFreak22: if ur wanting porn, try arshitsuare baby

Guest: More Chapters!

Guest: Harley cream is AWSOME!!!

Guest: Harley says: its called soccer not football, and whats up with the fat kids!!

Guest: Harley says: GAY!!!

Guest: gfdzfgd

Guest: sfesaegfarf

Guest: hshshd

Guest: matt is hot

Guest: were is the porn

Ichi3h3: more!!!!-.-

Guest: they need more area no kishi chapters

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