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Guest: FVCKIN NARUTARDS!this manga`s better than that SHlT!!

Guest: WOW, sad ending, but this is as good as naruto. NICE MANGA!

Guest: i heard the one who makev this manga is the naruto`s manga creator twin brother

Marley: I really hate it when douchebags post what happens at the end of a manga here. What a dick

xsakuraxsasukex: you the o one who whrite naruto anime is terrible i think you didn`t watch it or even read the manga

Guest: sniff,,, so sad

Guest: thanks for scanning, nice manga...

Guest: Curse all ya want folks. This manhwa/manga [ Narutard/Bleach

Guest: the naruto manga is aight, but the anime is terrible

Guest: fucking bullshit i hate sad endings where main characters die qhat a cocksucking manga

animanic: dary

Guest: Nice manga. To some point original ending.. Worthy of reading..

Guest: this is good but naruto is better

Guest: fuck ending.... go learn from your brother you fool

Guest: tooo damn cool

Guest: BEST MANGA EVA this is the only manga that i will treasure till i`m wat 80. since i like the monster

Guest: This manga is the best But the ending Sucked

xsakuraxsasukex: naruto is the best manga and anime ^^

Guest: ermmm...

Guest: this manga is really good... but damm the ending was kinda duhl

Guest: who called it a good ending? give him to me, I``l pour some info to him ;/

Guest: Guest: this manga is one of the greatest.

Guest: hoho!!! favourite!!!


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